Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ever-flowing Tide

  • This body of work comprises type and line drawings made digitally

    with vectors, as well as pen drawings made by hand. Some of the handmade

    drawings have been scanned into a computer and printed out, while others

    have been made directly on the paper in accordance with vector grids.

    The prints are produced through a digital lithography process a primarily

    analogue method of printmaking for digital work.

    In these works I attempt to challenge the values and motivations involved

    in creative and productive process. I have used the language of information

    architecture to express these concerns, highlighting the vanity of this

    excessive production through seemingly nonsensical graphs and diagrams.

    These concerns grew predominantly out of my study and work as a graphic

    designer, where considerable worth is placed on productivity and work rate,

    and quantitative values appear to prevail over the qualitative.

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